Luxury Add-on to the Bhutan And Nepal Trekking Tours?


Bhutan and Nepal are two of the most attractive and amazing trekking destinations of the region. One can truly enjoy the pristine nature and its views while trekking in these picturesque destinations as the settings are perfect. The regions are still not much explored and are untainted particularly for tourists from India or any other country who loves to go on trekking. One can hear the moaning of goats, chirping of birds, sounds of people and sounds of other animals which live and thrive in the Himalayan region.

Trekking as a vital piece of excursions –

Most adventure seekers who are anxious to enjoy trekking visit Nepal and Bhutan due to its perfect trekking and other mountain activities. The tour operators of the Himalayan Kingdom incorporate other activities as well in the trekking tours to make it more interesting and these can become highlights of the trips. The visitors can visit villages enroute and know more about the local culture and customs. This will be something new and interesting to the guests which will be different from typical and repetitive trekking tour.

Beautiful picturesque surroundings amid visits –

Visitors can feel the excellence of the nature while moving up and down the trekking trail which passes through the wilderness, open fields, rugged territories filled with pristine lakes, beautiful waterfalls and the sanctuaries filled with flora and fauna. It is during these excursions and visits that visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the Nepalese and Bhutanese cultural systems, their way of life from very close quarters. Lots of tourists expect such highlights to bring about the best of the holidays.

Lavishing settings can be efficient –

The local tour operators are adding lot of extracurricular activities and excursions to the trekking tours to make them more interesting. Mostly comprehensive and all-inclusive outings are arranged for the tourists who are willing to go any length to capture the excellence of nature.

All the three countries India, Nepal and Bhutan can be included in the tour ad it would make a complete triangle tour. Apart from the required apparatus and riggings for the trekking, the tourists can enjoy stays in some of the best locales in the guest houses, enjoy high nourishment meals. Camps are located along the trek routes which include all the necessities and assortments. The tourists get the chance to see and enjoy the best of the visit in such conditions as they get the opportunity to encounter the natural wonders of the Himalayan Kingdoms and their please weather conditions.

For best adventure trips of India, Nepal or Bhutan, the tour operators make the tour itineraries which could include trekking, rock climbing, boating on the serene lakes and local family visits. The main goal is to ensure that tourists get the best out of their holiday.


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